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A client is admitted with a Ewing’s sarcoma. Which symptoms would be expected due to this tumor’s location?

An infant weighs seven pounds at birth. The expected weight by one year should be:

The nurse is making initial rounds on a client with a C5 fracture and crutchfield tongs. Which equipment should be kept at the bedside?

The nurse is visiting a home health client with osteoporosis. The client has a new prescription for alendronate (Fosamax). Which instruction should be given to the client?

The nurse is working in the emergency room when a client arrives with severe burns of the left arm, hands, face, and neck. Which action should receive priority?

A 24-year-old female client is scheduled for surgery in the morning. Which of the following is the primary responsibility of the nurse?

A client with cancer is admitted to the oncology unit. Stat lab values reveal Hgb 12.6, WBC 6500, K+ 1.9, uric acid 7.0, Na+ 136, and platelets 178,000. The nurse evaluates that the client is experiencing which of the following?

The nurse is caring for a client scheduled for removal of the pituitary gland. The nurse should be particularly alert for:

A client has cancer of the liver. The nurse should be most concerned about which nursing diagnosis?

The nurse is caring for a client with ascites. Which is the best method to use for determining early ascites?

The client arrives in the emergency department after a motor vehicle accident. Nursing assessment findings include BP 68/34, pulse rate 130, and respirations 18. Which is the client’s most appropriate priority nursing diagnosis?

The home health nurse is visiting a 15-year-old with sickle cell disease. Which information obtained on the visit would cause the most concern? The client:

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