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What is your new year’s resolution?


I hope you don’t have one.
I myself think that the whole ‘new year’s resolution’ has become so over-rated and commercialized. I mean let’s get serious here, resolutioners are food for those snake-oil salesmen’s appetites that I continually warn you about. All the fad-diets, gym-memberships and weight-loss guru’s are knocking on your door imploring you to try their product to attain those lofty resolution goals! “This year will be your year”

You know why they are rich? I don’t have any solid proof, but here’s my theory. How many people actually achieve their new year’s resolutions?? Last time I checked, not many. Very few from what I have read and heard.

So each year, after their current resolution has failed (again) people are out searching for the ‘next best thing’. Better yet, how many times have you made the same resolution year after year?

This is why I hope you don’t have a new year’s resolution this year. I for one believe that the idea of a resolution invites a temporary fix or temporary solution. Something that requires you to start at a specific time of year can’t be all it’s cracked up to be.

Putting a required ‘start time’ in order for it to succeed is a recipe for disaster in my book. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be about weight loss or fitness, or exercise. What if you just wanted to quit a bad habit (chewing gum, biting your fingernails, etc.) ? Or improve something tangible in your life? Decide to be happier every day. Commit to smiling more often. Step outside your comfort zone and say hello to a complete stranger once a week. The list is endless.

As nurses we spend our days improving the lives of our patients in one way shape or form. Once again, maybe it’s time we started taking care of ourselves?

I thing the greatest thing you can do for the new year is just to simply do something positive towards your life. With all the negative things going on in our world we can all use a little more positive. The very best kind of ‘positive’ I can think of is something that you create for yourself.

So instead of the traditional ‘resolution’, I suggest making a new year’s decision. Or maybe a new year’s commitment? How about a new year’s dedication?

Call it what you will, but make sure it’s something permanent.

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