Please make me over!

There’s nothing wrong with Jackie and Zoey wearing the same old scrubs day in and day out, season after season, but isn’t a bit of a style boost in order? In the Spring 2011 issue of Scrubs, our fashion editors found just the pieces to take these nurses from so-so to sensational.
Nurse Jackie
likes to show off her shape, which we think is a good thing, but geez, doesn’t she have anything in her closet besides basic baby blue? We’re sure she’ll love these new scrubs, which are in keeping with her preference for blue hues. The top is still form-fitting, with a flattering scoop neck, and the floral print is so much more sophisticated than her old solids. As for the comfy white shoes: With everything on her plate, Jackie needs all the cushion and support she can get.

Skechers Checkered Flight print top, $29, and drawstring pants, $28. Robin Premium slip-ons, $59.

needs to grow up! Her childish behavior is grating big time on Jackie’s nerves. That baggy scrubs top with little-girl bunnies undermines her professional potential and makes her look heavier than she is. It’s time Zoey trade it in for this hip, figure-flattering top in a chic floral print on a slimming black background. Black clogs with a complementary floral accent create a long, lean leg line. Their super support will keep her on her toes–sure to please Jackie to no end.

Cherokee Flexibles Blooming Bouquets print top, $28, and cargo pocket pants, $26. Doc II clogs, $29.

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