Poll: Get a load off!

We have a hunch…and want to prove it. All the nurses we know are also saddled with what appears to be tons more laundry than civilians. Is this the case with you?

How many wash loads have you done in the past 7 days?

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How many times have you used laundry stain removers and/or laundry boosters in the past 7 days?

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The average household does around 8 loads of laundry each week.* Do you think nurses do more? Share your comments below!

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*Source: Journal of Consumer Studies & Home Economics, July 2007



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3 Responses to Poll: Get a load off!

  1. Lyndsey F., Happy RN

    I absolutely think nurses do more laundry than civilians! Consider this: I have to wear a certain color for work, and have only a couple sets of scrubs. That means I have to wash my scrubs in hot water almost single day, sometimes putting them through twice if the stains don’t come out. Plus, I may have to wash more than one set in a day if I’ve had to change because of some unforeseen incident causing a stain (i.e. blood or vomit or whatever!). My husband is a doctor and the same is true for his lab coat…we have to wash it daily and the sleeves are a mess and I’m sure covered in germs.

  2. jeni

    I have to say I do more laundry then the average person. I can wear any color at work. But even the darker colors stain if you dont pre-treat them.Pluss I have 5 people in the house with a uniform of some type. So yes I do alot of laundry.

  3. Shawnee LPN

    I don’t think I necessarily do more loads, but maybe BIGGER loads! :)