Pomp and circumstance

Ever since I was a little kid, I can remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion every time I heard that “graduation song.” No, not the one by Vitamin C that, inevitably, came out the year I graduated 6th grade and thought the world would never be  the same again after we got to middle school (it never was the same again, and I still cry when I hear that song….sad truth). But I am talking about that old one. That traditional graduation march that is actually very full of both pomp and circumstance. Things were not any different when I heard it start off in the distance this last Friday as I lined up with all my class mates to make that triumphant march across the field.

Image: Zazzle.com

My school has, much to our chagrin, (apparently) not mastered the art of having student names read off when we get called up to receive out diplomas. It’s just “too difficult.”  It’s disappointing knowing that I persevered through three years of nursing school without saying it was “too difficult” and that every other university in Southern California has figured it out, but ours hasn’t. But hey, what are you going to do at this point? At least we have our pinning ceremony for the more personal and triumphant aspect of graduation.

None-the-less it was an amazing night. I still can’t quite believe we’re done! I’m an alum! I got to finally put my “alumni” license plate border on!  It’s been a long time coming – six years of college and I finally made it! I feel so fortunate for my education, for the ablitiy to choose my path in life, and pursue my dreams.  I thank God that I made it through! There were so many ups and downs in the road that brought me to where I am. But the very idea that I made it just confirms that I am right where I am supposed to be.  I am a college graduate!

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