Pop culture: We heart Laverne Roberts from “Scrubs”


Sometimes a picture really does tell a thousand words, as in this cast shot of Scrubs TV character Laverne, a nurse on staff at the fictional Sacred Heart. In this case, Laverne is telling us, “Don’t you even think about it,” with a classic finger wag and disapproving face. We don’t have to be resident goofball (and main character) J.D. to know that we oughta listen to the hilarious lady and stay out of trouble…and her way!

Played by Aloma Wright for seven seasons (and then brought back to portray nurse Shirley – ha! – in the final season), Laverne was a super strong presence at the hospital. Known for her love of soap operas and interoffice gossip, she was a devout Christian who often had strong opinions on other staff members’ actions. She intimidates many as well, including the chief and head nurse Carla. It is revealed over time that her headstrong personality and religious nature is a way to cope with the suffering and death she witnesses in the hospital every day. Her strength is also seen in her family, which includes a husband, son and nephew (Lance), who is fighting in Iraq.

Sadly, Laverne is “killed off” in the seventh (and thought to be last) season, when her character is in a car accident on her way to work and pronounced brain dead. All of the characters give her a heartfelt goodbye (especially Carla) and she is seen off in style. The character Aloma comes back to play, the aforementioned Shirley, freaks J.D. out in her similarities to Laverne so much that he starts calling her “Laverneagain.” Ah, Scrubs, we miss you much!

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