Vintage nurse postcards!

Vintage Nurse Postcards

Through his gorgeous collection of historic images, ER-turned-hospice nurse Michael Zwerdling shows just how pervasively his profession has left its stamp on society. Here, a delightful gallery of vintage nurse postcards.

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5 Responses to Vintage nurse postcards!

  1. When researching my novel, From Here to Everlasting, I couldn’t find anything positive written about nursing homes or long term care nursing. The negative imaging of nursing homes and LTC nurses is bad for older people, their families, the nurses who serve them, and the facilities. Over 40% of hospital patients are older, making every nurse a geriatric nurse. An article in your magazine would be a terrific first step in the right direction.

  2. I love this site

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  4. Judy, RN

    Agree, agree, agree with you Carla. We need to start seeing the positive things about nursing homes and carecenters and educate the public in books, articles, posters, etc.
    The upcoming senior population, the largest in our history, needs to not fear nursing homes. There are good caregivers, and good people still thriving as patients in carecenters. The patients or clients theirselves, have so much to offer to the improvement the centers, but they must be given a realistic postitive picture of the centers to know that they can be happy and make a difference even in their senior years. Yes Scrubs lets hear a can do, can be , it is ok article about nursing homes.

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