NCLEX practice test packet



Are you ready to pass the NCLEX? Whether you’re feeling confident or chewing up your highlighter cap in anticipation, one thing’s for certain: This is one B-I-G test! Each exam taker will answer a minimum of 75 questions.

Get prepared with our NCLEX practice test packet. This 9-part test consists of 100 questions total. At the end of each section you can view the answers to the section you’ve just completed.

Put on your lucky test taking cap and go for it! Good luck!

A client with a renal failure is prescribed a low potassium diet. Which food choice would be best for this client?

The client is admitted for evaluation of aggressive behavior and diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. A key part of the care of such clients is:

An important intervention in monitoring the dietary compliance of a client with bulimia is:

Assuming that all have achieved normal cognitive and emotional development, which of the following children is at greatest risk for accidental poisoning?

Which of the following examples represents parallel play?

The nurse is ready to begin an exam on a nine-month-old infant. The child is sitting in his mother’s lap. Which should the nurse do first?

In terms of cognitive development, a two-year-old would be expected to:

Which of the following best describes the language of a 24-month-old?

A client who has been receiving urokinase has a large bloody bowel movement. Which action would be best for the nurse to take immediately?

The client has a prescription for a calcium carbonate compound to neutralize stomach acid. The nurse should assess the client for:

Heparin has been ordered for a client with a pulmonary embolis. Which statement, if made by the graduate nurse, indicates a lack of understanding of the medication?

The nurse is caring for a client with peripheral vascular disease. To correctly assess the oxygen saturation level, the monitor may be placed on the:



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