NCLEX practice test packet

The client has an order for heparin to prevent post-surgical thrombi. Immediately following a heparin injection, the nurse should:

The client with AIDS tells the nurse that he has been using acupuncture to help with his pain. The nurse should question the client regarding this treatment because acupuncture uses:

The nurse is taking the vital signs of the client admitted with cancer of the pancreas. The nurse is aware that the fifth vital sign is:

The 84-year-old male has returned from the recovery room following a total hip repair. He complains of pain and is medicated with morphine sulfate and promethazine. Which medication should be kept available for the client being treated with opioid analgesics?

The doctor has ordered a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump for the client with chronic pain. The client asks the nurse if he can become overdosed with pain medication using this machine. The nurse demonstrates understanding of the PCA if she states:

The doctor has ordered a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit for the client with chronic back pain. The nurse teaching the client with a TENS unit should tell the client:

The nurse asked the client if he has an advance directive. The reason for asking the client this question is:

A client who has chosen to breastfeed tells the nurse that her nipples became very sore while she was breastfeeding her older child. Which measure will help her to avoid soreness of the nipples?

The nurse is performing an assessment of an elderly client with a total hip repair. Based on this assessment, the nurse decides to medicate the client with an analgesic. Which finding most likely prompted the nurse to decide to administer the analgesic?

An obstetrical client decides to have an epidural anesthetic to relieve pain during labor. Following administration of the anesthesia, the nurse should monitor the client for:

The nurse is assessing the client admitted for possible oral cancer. The nurse identifies which of the following to be a late-occurring symptom of oral cancer?

The nurse understands that the diagnosis of oral cancer is confirmed with:


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