NCLEX practice test packet

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The nurse is caring for the patient following removal of a large posterior oral lesion. The priority nursing measure would be to:

The registered nurse is conducting an in-service for colleagues on the subject of peptic ulcers. The nurse would be correct in identifying which of the following as a causative factor?

The patient states, “My stomach hurts about two hours after I eat.” Based upon this information, the nurse suspects the patient likely has a:

The nurse is caring for a patient with suspected diverticulitis. The nurse would be most prudent in questioning which of the following diagnostic tests?

The nurse is planning care for the patient with celiac disease. In teaching about the diet, the nurse should instruct the patient to avoid which of the following for breakfast?

The nurse is teaching about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Which of the following would be most important?

In planning care for the patient with ulcerative colitis, the nurse identifies which nursing diagnosis as a priority?

The patient is prescribed metronidazole (Flagyl) for adjunct treatment for a duodenal ulcer. When teaching about this medication, the nurse would include:

The nurse is preparing to administer a feeding via a nasogastric tube. The nurse would perform which of the following before initiating the feeding?

Which is true regarding the administration of antacids?

The nurse is caring for a patient with a colostomy. The patient asks, “Will I ever be able to swim again?” The nurse’s best response would be:

The nurse is assisting in the care of a patient who is two days post-operative from a hemorroidectomy. The nurse would be correct in instructing the patient to:


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