NCLEX practice test packet

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The nurse is assisting in the care of a client with diverticulosis. Which of the following assessment findings must necessitate an immediate report to the doctor?

The client is newly diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes. Which of the following nursing diagnoses is a priority?

The nurse is asked by the nurse aide, “Are peptic ulcers really caused by stress?” The nurse would be correct in replying with the following:

The nurse is assisting in the assessment of the patient admitted with “extreme abdominal pain.” The nurse asks the client about the medication that he has been taking because:

The nurse is assessing the abdomen. The nurse knows the best sequence to perform the assessment is:

The nurse is caring for the client who has been in a coma for two months. He has signed a donor card, but the wife is opposed to the idea of organ donation. How should the nurse handle the topic of organ donation with the wife?

The client with cancer refuses to care for herself. Which action by the nurse would be best?

The charge nurse is making assignments for the day. After accepting the assignment to a client with leukemia, the nurse tells the charge nurse that her child has chickenpox. Which initial action should the charge nurse take?

The nurse is caring for the client with a mastectomy. Which action would be contraindicated?

The client has an order for gentamycin to be administered. Which lab results should be reported to the doctor before beginning the medication?

Which of the following is the best indicator of the diagnosis of HIV?

The client presents to the emergency room with a “bull’s eye” rash. Which question would be most appropriate for the nurse to ask the client?


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