NCLEX practice test packet

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Which client should be assigned to the nursing assistant?

The client presents to the emergency room with a hyphema. Which action by the nurse would be best?

The client has an order for FeSO4 liquid. Which method of administration would be best?

The client with an ileostomy is being discharged. Which teaching should be included in the plan of care?

Vitamin K is administered to the newborn shortly after birth for which of the following reasons?

Before administering Methyltrexate orally to the client with cancer, the nurse should check the:

The nurse is teaching a group of new graduates about the safety needs of the client receiving chemotherapy. Before administering chemotherapy, the nurse should:

The client is admitted to the postpartum unit with an order to continue the infusion of Pitocin. The nurse is aware that Pitocin is working if the fundus is:

A five-year-old is a family contact to the client with tuberculosis. Isoniazid (INH) has been prescribed for the client. The nurse is aware that the length of time that the medication will be taken is:

A four-year-old with cystic fibrosis has a prescription for Viokase pancreatic enzymes to prevent malabsorption. The correct time to give pancreatic enzyme is:

A client with osteomyelitis has an order for a trough level to be done because he is taking Gentamycin. When should the nurse call the lab to obtain the trough level?

A new diabetic is learning to administer his insulin. He receives 10U of NPH and 12U of regular insulin each morning. Which of the following statements reflects understanding of the nurse’s teaching?


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