25 prayers for nurses


A prayer for guidance

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I dedicate myself to thee,

O Lord, my God, this work I undertake
Alone in thy great name, and for thy sake.

In ministering to suffering I would learn
The sympathy that in thy heart did burn.

Take, then, mine eyes, and teach them to perceive
The ablest way each sick one to relieve.

Guide thou my hands, that e’en their touch may prove
The gentleness and aptness born of love.

Bless thou my feet, and while they softly tread
May faces smile on many a sufferer’s bed.

Touch thou my lips, guide thou my tongue,
Give me a work in sermon for each one.

Clothe me with patience, strength all tasks to bear,
Crown me with hope and love, which know no fear,

And faith, that coming face to face with death
Shall e’en inspire with joy the dying breath.

All through the arduous day my actions guide,
All through the lonely night watch by my side,
So I shall wake refreshed, with strength to pray,
Work in me, through me, with me, Lord, this day.

Author Unknown


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