25 prayers for nurses

Letting go prayer

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God of Comfort,

Release me from the anger I feel in this moment.

You O Lord know my heart.

You O Lord know my fears, for I have been made by thy wondrous hand.

Yet in this moment, I feel betrayed, I feel misunderstood, I feel hurt!

Grant unto me the voice of reason and the soundness of mind to let go.

I can’t do it by myself, I need you, I need your guidance, I need your love.

Teach me to let go.

Teach me to reconcile my feelings and remove my selfish desire to inflict hurt and pain; for you have called me to a higher place.

I need your healing hand to move me forward, and forward will I go.

Release me from this stagnant posture, I pray, and empower me to look beyond the faults and misgivings of others.

Because of grace given, I will move forward; because you have forgiven, I will also forgive.

I will choose to let go of anxiety, of fear, of uncertainty and of hurt.

I choose to let go and seek your guidance this day. Rescue me, I pray. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Larry L. Jackson

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