“Precious” gets a rockin’ male nurse


nurse-john-in-preciousPrecious, the Sundance Film Festival smash hit premiered in wide release this Friday. In this harrowing movie about urban despair, there is nothing fabulous about the life of Precious, an abused and twice pregnant teen. Except, perhaps, her male nurse played by rocker Lenny Kravitz in his debut movie role.
In an interview with the press, Lenny describes his role as small but ultimately ‘the only male character in the film that’s a positive image.’ The Hollywood Reporter raves, ‘Lenny Kravitz is low-key perfect as an empathetic nurse’s aide.’

So what do male nurses think about Lenny portraying them on the big screen? We asked Nursing Manager Rob Cameron what he thought about the casting decision:

“I am glad to see that they went with a guy that some may considers a manly guy.  Most times in films as TV we are portrayed as gay, a little more in touch with our feelings or as perverts.  The majority of the men I work with are regular guys. We talk about football, cars and women at work, just like other guys at other jobs.  Some of us (especially me 😉 ) are tough guys, but we can be empathetic and compassionate to our patients.  I really hope Lenny can show this part of a nurse to the public.”

Rob went on to tell us who would play him in the Hollywood version of his own life:

“If I could pick somebody to play me in the movies it would have to be somebody just like me – tall, dark and handsome with a great body and super personality.  Not Brad.  Not George. Too typical and they don’t quite fit my mold.  Jason Alexander. The actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld.”

Precious is based on the 1996 novel “Push” by Sapphire. The movie is now playing in all major theaters.


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