Prep work

I think I posted a couple of weeks ago that I am trying to get a new job at my hospital.  Well I have been doing a lot of work, learning more about the department, its strengths and weakness’ and what a new person could do to enhance those strengths.  I have been working on developing a business plan and strategic roadmap for the department.
 This got me thinking about a question I ask during interviews, “why do you want to work at this hospital”.  I really want to know if a nurse is just looking for a job, or do they want to work here, and why.  My hospital is a safety net hospital, so our patients are somewhat diverse.  By their answer I can really tell if they know what they are getting into.

 The best way to get ready for questions like this is to learn about the place you are applying to.  Go to their website, learn about the services they provide, read their mission statement and see what they are all about.  Ask friend that may work there or did at one time.  Learn what ever you can.

 This will prepare you for those tough questions that are specific to the institution.  It will also show the person who is interviewing you, that you took the time to learn about the hospital, which shows that are your serious about working there.

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