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The Pros And Cons Of Being A School Nurse


Pros and Cons of Being a School Nurse

Does the idea of a school of children running through the halls scare you? Maybe school nursing is not for you. However, for the person who enjoys having nights and weekends off–plus summers–and working with lots of friendly, little faces, working as a school nurse can be immensely rewarding.

If you have already experienced a nursing job but never fancied the long working shifts and the chaotic schedule eating up your weekends or holidays, then this might just be the right choice for you. Nevertheless, working as a school nurse does not come without its challenges and a lot of responsibility weighing on your shoulders. After all, you are still a nurse.

So – what are the pros and cons of being a school nurse? What can such an experience bring to you and how is it any different than a regular nurse career? Here is our full list:


  1. A whole summer for yourself – is undoubtedly the best thing ever about being a school nurse. Imagine yourself bathing in the sun, enjoying a nice July breeze while all other nurses are trying to enjoy those 12h shifts. A total, divine splurge.


  1. Free holidays and weekends might just be the next best thing about a career in school nursing! There is no way someone will call you out on a Saturday night for a major life and death situation. The school has a strict working schedule that everyone abides to. Yay!

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