The Pros And Cons Of Being A School Nurse

The Pros And Cons Of Being A School Nurse


  1. Less stress or to be more accurate, maybe it should be phrased as a different kind of stress. While you will most probably not have to deal with as many emergencies and crazy moments as you would in a regular nurse career, you do get to go through quite some challenges. But with nursing being a path you choose so as to keep on learning, those are some more than welcomed challenges.


  1. A fun, loving, bubbly place to be even though challenges still keep on rolling, you will feel them differently. There is no way you can lose hope, get overwhelmed by stress or ever get bored when surrounded by such an upbeat energy that schools bring. Plus, you can get to be the fun, lovely nurse that all kids will get to love. Imagine your desk full of funny drawings of you, little-handcrafted hearts and dragons. You might even crave for some overtime just to enjoy this more.


  1. The only con is lice! This might be the funniest and most depictive con of working as a school nurse. But no lice will scare a nurse! Oh no. The good part about this con is that you might have a really good laugh about it after it goes away. How great is that?

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  1. Money – though salaries can be competitive for a school nurse, they might not always be as satisfying as you would expect, especially if educational budgets get tightened. And we all know that is a possibility.


  1. No overtime opportunities – if a regular nurse can easily rely on extra hours to get some extra money when needed, it will not be the case here. So if you are not able to cover your needs, you might just have to find a second job to help you with that.


  1. Advancing is quite limited – with not much of a hierarchy going on in the field of school nursing, there won’t be that much room for advancement in the future. If you feel you want to grow more, you might find out that the school walls have become too tight for you.


If you are a school nurse returning to school this fall, we send you our regards and beg you to tell us how do you keep your patience when an army of kids is screaming in unison.


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