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Ever think about pursuing a job in healthcare? Awesome! But considering a job in healthcare definitely brings up lots of questions. After all, there are so many jobs out there. Which one is right for you?

Maybe it’s a job as a medical assistant, where you work with supplies, administer medications and focus on keeping records. It could be a job as an RN, where you’re constantly on the front lines, helping patients battle their illnesses. Or maybe it’s as a nurse’s aide, where you help make life comfortable for older folks.

But once you get past these questions and decide which job is best for you, you need to figure out how to get from where you are right now to being a fully trained and employed medical professional.

No matter what type of healthcare job you are pursuing, you will need to go through some level of training. The amount of training varies depending on the type of job you’d like to have. Nurses, for example, may need to get a 2- or 4-year nursing degree to just qualify for a job. CNAs, on the other hand, just need to go through a few weeks or months of training.

Can You Get Trained Online?

Online classes are becoming more popular and more commonplace. The idea of going through your training on your own schedule, wherever you have internet access, is certainly alluring…you can even attend your classes in your underwear, if you want! That is definitely a great option if you don’t consider yourself a “school person.”

But taking online classes requires discipline. It means you need to set aside time in your day to complete your coursework, and it’s harder than it looks. Also, online classes could never replace the in-person component of a good healthcare education: clinical training. So even if you take online classes, you will need to go through at least some in-person training.

If you think you’re the kind of person who can handle online classes, then you next need to find out if you can get online training for the job you want.

For jobs that require a degree, like RN jobs, this is usually pretty easy. See, most major universities will have online classes for many of their courses. Also, there are a lot of online universities that specialize in online-only nursing degrees. Any online nursing program will also provide you with on-site training centers for your clinical training.

But what if the job you really want doesn’t require a degree. What if you want to fill a CNA role, and you only need to get a certification?

Unfortunately, in most states there aren’t any CNA classes online. And this is an unfortunate truth about any career path that requires only a certification. If you need to get a CNA certification, then you can’t take CNA classes online and will need to find on-site training centers.

Are you interested in getting educated online? Interested in starting a career in healthcare? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

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