Q&A: “Can I handle a relationship in nursing school?”


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Dear Nurse MER,
I’m a third-year nursing student and things just got crazy. I am up from morning until night doing classwork and clinicals. I am happy working hard for my career, but I have met someone recently who I really like.

I really want to date and get to know him, but I’m afraid it will take away too much time from my studies. Can I have both?

The good news, B.B., is that there is always room for love! You’ve been told to put your head down and study and focus on your career–there is no room for distraction. Since when did love become a distraction? I always thought it was a necessary part of being human, the most beautiful necessity of all.

B.B., I want you to experience love in your college years, but I am considering a very specific type of love: love that uplifts, expands and lightens. This love must be selfless and understanding, empathetic to the core. This love must be based on a very supportive foundation. In the midst of your chaotic life, there is no place for jealous or insecure love. A love that stifles is just not an option for you.

Nurses have to grow up early; the realm of love is no exception. You cannot waste your time on anything except a love that will motivate you and allow you to focus on yourself–guilt-free. Be thoughtful. If this love inspires you to work harder, reach further, what are you waiting for?! Jump!

Nursing is for lovers.

Nurse MER

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Mia Ross
Mia has had the soul of a nurse since birth. She has spent the last decade honing her inherent skills of promoting healing, health, and happiness. Mia has experience in cardiac telemetry, orthopedics, and is currently working at a preventative medical clinic in New York City. She is especially interested in using language, honesty and human connection to inspire, motivate and ignite conversations which afford patients (and nurses!) an opportunity to create their own unique paths toward better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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