Quiz: Eye spy hospital

Image: Hemera | Thinkstock

You work in the hospital every day, but can you tell the difference between a syringe and a stethoscope? Wait, there’s a catch! They are EXTREME close-ups!

Grab your stopwatch to see how quickly you can identify these common hospital tools.

Object 1:

Object 2:

Object 3:

Object 4:

Object 5:

Object 6:

Object 7:

Object 8:

Object 9:

Object 10:

Object 11:

Object 12:

Object 13:

Object 14:

Object 15:

Object 16:

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8 Responses to Quiz: Eye spy hospital

  1. suzannah

    More quizzes

  2. Uh guys some of those pictures are WAY to small. I had to change the setting on my computer screen just to get a look at them

  3. april

    The oxycontin isn’t a fair one! Our hospital supplier’s doesn’t look like those!

  4. april

    The oxycontin isn’t a fair one! Our hospital supplier’s doesn’t look like those!

  5. kathleen

    Fun quiz. Have never used a defib machine. I’m a Hospice RN. And our oxycontin are tabs, not caps.

  6. Elizabeth M. Guerra, LPN

    That Defibrillator looked more like a Heart Monitor to me!!!

  7. Michelle

    Our oxycontin comes in a coated tablet, not a capsule…not a fair question

  8. Jennifer

    I answered blood pressure monitor, although, it isn’t a monitor; it’s a sphigmonanometer.