Quiz: History of the nursing salary

How well do you know the history of nursing wages in America?

Take our quiz and see how your salary stacks up against nurses and other professionals from decades past.

Sources: nurseweek.com; worldsalaries.org/usa.shtml; Contemporary Long Term Care statistics, October 2002

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4 Responses to Quiz: History of the nursing salary

  1. Margaret

    when i got of of Practical Nursing School in 1978,I had to work for $2.35/hour as an aide until i passed my boards.Then I got a whopping 30 cents raise!
    My sisters who worked in factories made more money than i did!

  2. Brittany R

    One very interesting thing that I don’t know if the salary surveys cover is the pay discrepancies between experienced nurses and new grads… Often, new grads make as much or more than their experienced coworkers.

  3. Cookie419

    I’ve ben looking for something gauged towards us nurses for a long time, thank you for this. Will enjoy being a part of this.

  4. Cookie419

    It also was hard to think of nurses as being so poorly paid by that nsg. Salary quiz. We work so hard for so little.