Quiz: How good is your bedside manner?

Image: Gary John Norman | Lifesize | Getty Images

Bedside manner describes how a nurse / healthcare professional handles a patient. Some argue that good bedside manner can work just as well as medicine and treatment. Take this quick quiz to see what kind of nurse you are.

When dealing with a patient your vocal tone is:

Can bedside manner be taught?

Do you think bedside manner makes a difference in recovery?

Be honest with yourself here. When a patient tells you about his / her fears, you:

Which nurse has the most soothing bedside manner?

The word that best describes “good bedside manner” is:

You make it your goal for patients to feel 100% comfortable:

Other nurses would describe you as:

The best part of your day is:

Which medical instrument would you best describe yourself as?

In general the hardest patients to sooth are:

In general, the easiest patients to soothe are:

If you weren’t a nurse you would be a?



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8 Responses to Quiz: How good is your bedside manner?

  1. sbosse

    Definitely disagree with some of your “correct” answers.

  2. Jeanie

    I also disagree with some of the correct answers. Dumb quiz.

  3. kellie

    I disagree with some of the ”correct” answers

  4. Marie

    By having “correct” answers, that implies that we should all fit into the same mold that only you think we should fit into. There are many different avenues of nursing, and each one requires a certain type of personality to be successful. This quiz does not seem to take that into account.

  5. Suzanne

    I think the hardest to soothe are the children. Easiest are geriatrics. Just my opinion though. Only ones I got wrong LOL

  6. Interesting. While I got a good score, I must point out that I haven’t watched tv in eons and picked Hawthorne because I happened to hear about it before. But otherwise, I have no knowledge of any of those characters.

    As for who is easiest to soothe, might I just add that this is all… A little generalized? I work in an aged care setting, and have been for 2 years now. I specialize in dementia and palliative care, so those were the easiest for me to calm “soothe”.

    However, I can’t say the same about pediatrics, since I have few interactions with them within a healthcare setting.

  7. Ruth

    These questions were all subjective, so how can any answer be wrong? and TV nurses…they’re all n on-existant.

  8. Cie

    Agree with Ruth, TV nurses don’t actually exist. Also, what difference does it make if I would have other careers that I would choose rather than nursing or that I’m not always the happiest person in the world. As long as I am compassionate and listen to the patient, then I do have a decent bedside manner regardless.