Quiz: How good is your bedside manner?

Image: Gary John Norman | Lifesize | Getty Images

Bedside manner describes how a nurse / healthcare professional handles a patient. Some argue that good bedside manner can work just as well as medicine and treatment. Take this quick quiz to see what kind of nurse you are.

When dealing with a patient your vocal tone is:

Can bedside manner be taught?

Do you think bedside manner makes a difference in recovery?

Be honest with yourself here. When a patient tells you about his / her fears, you:

Which nurse has the most soothing bedside manner?

The word that best describes “good bedside manner” is:

You make it your goal for patients to feel 100% comfortable:

Other nurses would describe you as:

The best part of your day is:

Which medical instrument would you best describe yourself as?

In general the hardest patients to sooth are:

In general, the easiest patients to soothe are:

If you weren’t a nurse you would be a?

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