Quiz: how well do you know Nurse Jackie?

Image: Showtime

We’re on the cusp of Season Two of the Showtime hit Nurse Jackie. Love her or hate her, you can’t keep your eyes off her! But how much do you really remember from Season One?

Take our quiz (and challenge your fellow Nurse Jackie fans) to see how you do!

What is Nurse Jackie's specialty?

Which print scrubs were featured in the first episode of season 1?

Which actress plays Dr. Eleanor O'Hara?

What are Jackie's children's names?

Nurse Jackie's personality can best be described as...

What is the name of the hospital where Jackie works?

Which body part gets 'lost' in the toilet in episode 2?

What does Jackie suffer from in episode 9? (hint...she gets it as a result of her drug habit)

What is the name of the hot young doctor who perennially frustrates Nurse Jackie?

Where does Kevin, Jackie's husband, work?

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