Quiz: How well do you know these famous nurses?


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How well versed are you on the facts and accomplishments of history’s most famous nurses? Take our quiz and find out!

The very first wife of an American president was also a volunteer nurse in Union hospitals during the Civil War. Her name was:

Which of the following statements about the most famous nurse in history, Florence Nightingale, is false?

Celebrated poet Walt Whitman volunteered as a nurse in army hospitals during the Civil War while his brother, George, fought on the battlefield. These experiences influenced Whitman to write:

The quote "I can’t stop while there are lives to be saved” can be attributed to which nurse?

Lillian Carter's work as a nurse moved her famous son, Jimmy Carter, to write a book about her. What was the name of that book?

Which of the following statements about nurse Margaret Sanger is false?

Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, became a nurse at what age?

The first African-American nurse, Mary Eliza Mahoney, was one of the founders of which organization?

Rural communities can thank which nurse for founding family care centers in far-flung areas of the U.S.?

Dorothea Dix, who championed the proper treatment of the poor and mentally ill, was the force behind the first mental asylums in the U.S. She also held the following title:


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