Quiz: Test your nursing photo IQ

This is a fun quiz for you to test your biomedical photo IQ. When was the last time you looked through the microscope? See if you can identify these mystery photos.

What is this an image of?

What is this an image of?

What is this an image of?

What is this an image of?

What is this an image of?

This is an image of Vitamin C.

This is an image of HIV.

This is an image of breast cancer cells.

This is an image of developing sperm.

This is an image of colon cancer cells.

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18 Responses to Quiz: Test your nursing photo IQ

  1. Liezl Rombaon


  2. Tina

    had fun answering :)

  3. I am very happy to got a score of 8 out of ten… I think I believe my self now….

  4. im still competent>>great…

  5. shocks!!! it shows really that this is my fav subject…

  6. wow!!!10/10 hehehe

  7. Joanna Montoya

    7 out of 10. not bad.
    thanks for the refresher:)

  8. Wonda Brown

    Medical symbols?? Unless you are an advanced nurse, One would not have a clue to some of these images unless it was dealt with day after day. Do someting a little more realistic. Like identifying landmarks etc.

  9. Chris

    Even though I’ve not entered nursing school yet (in a few weeks!!) and not cracked my new schoolbooks, I got 5 out of 10- just by reasoned guesses.
    I feel a little better- perhaps I won’t be an epic failure after all? 😀

  10. noviana.fb@gmail.com

    it’s great………………

  11. Nora

    Wow, 21 years out of nursing school and 61 yrs old–tatata 7 out of 10….

  12. sdieudonne

    Woohoo!!! 6 out of 10. Not bad. I think im more confident now about going into nursing. This site is such a motivation to me. I was looking for somthing like this. Thank you for igniting the passion i thought I had lost. I can still be a nurse. Hoooorayy!!!!!!!

  13. Becky

    6 out of 10 not bad when I have never seen some of these.

  14. deirdre clemons

    Wooo Hooo 9 out of 10 not bad at all… At frist I thought I going to do bad… So proud of myself!!!

  15. Victoria

    This was a fun quiz. I answered 9 out of 10 correctly, did alright. Thank you :)

  16. PatriceMarie

    Nine out of ten. And to think, I barely passed micro!

  17. Abby Student

    Im taking micro right now and I have to say that although I got a 8/10 the only one I was positive about was the RBC

  18. mjohnson11

    8/10 “Very good”! I enjoy histology.