Quiz: What’s your skeletal system IQ?


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The human body’s amazing architecture is built around our unique skeletal system. How much do you really know much about the bones and joints that make up our internal infrastructure? Take the quiz and find out!


Which of the following is not a bone in a human leg?

Which of the following is not a bone in the human arm?

The fingers are made up of 14 bones called:

The knee cap is also known as:

This bone is large, triangular and is commonly referred to as the shoulder blade:

A broken back refers to a broken:

A typical human rib cage consists of:

Muscles are connected to bones by tendons.

Bones are connected to each other by:

The Achilles tendon is located in the wrist.

A broken ankle refers to a break in the bottom region of the Fibula.

The heel bone is formally referred to as:

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