Quiz: What’s your skeletal system IQ?

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The human body’s amazing architecture is built around our unique skeletal system. How much do you really know much about the bones and joints that make up our internal infrastructure? Take the quiz and find out!


Which of the following is not a bone in a human leg?

Which of the following is not a bone in the human arm?

The fingers are made up of 14 bones called:

The knee cap is also known as:

This bone is large, triangular and is commonly referred to as the shoulder blade:

A broken back refers to a broken:

A typical human rib cage consists of:

Muscles are connected to bones by tendons.

Bones are connected to each other by:

The Achilles tendon is located in the wrist.

A broken ankle refers to a break in the bottom region of the Fibula.

The heel bone is formally referred to as:

, , ,


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32 Responses to Quiz: What’s your skeletal system IQ?

  1. Susan Jerden

    Love it!

  2. Jae

    : ) Go me….Shame on me for the 2 I got wrong…I need to be more attentive!

  3. it has been a long time since i’ve studied i’m little rusty but getting the hang of it

  4. Becky

    I have been out of school a long time. I think I did good.

  5. Tonya

    Yay me. I only missed one. Couldn’t remember how many ribs we have. :)

  6. Annmarie

    I”ll never learn. I got one wrong because I changed my answer.

  7. jovette

    got 3 mistkes!! need to study harder…

  8. eden tade

    nice quizz, hoping you will post more to make my stock knowledge work, i got one mistake, i got confussed and think late that fibula is connected to femur

  9. jen

    i scored 12 out of 12 and rated “UNBEATABLE”. i love it :))

  10. Emily Nastor Arcangel

    i got 10\12 nice try though..

  11. June

    a very easy quiz! i got a perfect score!

  12. cool got 10..sucks its really true dat i must stick with my first choice,,but nice one…more quez. plzzzz…

  13. jerome gwapo ang

    grr…ok lang yan…75% nman eh..ahaha

  14. michelle

    got 3 mistakes…..better luck nxt time…..

  15. prescy

    i like thus more evrywk pls.thanx

  16. evelyn j trinidad

    exciting and happy thought im old already stilll withnstock knowledge .this is nice, thanks

  17. evelyn j trinidad

    exciting and happy thought im old already stilll with stock knowledge .this is nice, thanks

  18. ajen mangubat

    love it!

  19. jean

    it’s nice 2 practice what u have studied before this way… exciting & relaxing at the same time, thanks 4 posting this in facebook.

  20. got only 9 out of 12,i need more concentration coz i answered too quikly

  21. sesa ampanas

    wow!nice quiz..more quiz please..i love it….

  22. jandel taguiam


  23. i love quizzes…..give us more please…..

  24. victoria carbajal

    i luv it!!!!

  25. JEAN

    nice..MORE QUIZZES PLS……

  26. Traci

    I am proud of myself. I only missed one. I get confused about how many bone make up the rib cage.

  27. Diane Kirse, RN, BSN

    The question regarding the bones in the arm is very poorly written.

    The question about the ankle fracture is incorrect. An ankle fracture can include the tibia as well as bones in the foot and the fibula. The generic term “ankle fracture” is misleading.

  28. I got score 10 out of 12….cool….

  29. hilda

    10/12 lol cool :)

  30. gladys

    wow…11 out of 12!i love it!!very challenging..

  31. clarissa

    got 3 mistake…i love this quizzes..brain storming.. hehe

  32. shenetha

    unbeatable!! yay me!!!