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Quote of the week: What it means to be a nurse


What does it mean to be a nurse? While it’s generally a satisfying career choice (hello, saving patients’ lives!), it’s also immensely stressful. We love this quote from author and RN Melodie Chenevert:

The inspirational words were found in her book The Pro-Nurse Handbook, a tome seen as required reading by many nurses. A positive review on states:

“Melodie’s book should be required reading for anyone entering the profession and for those in the profession. She will make you laugh and cry while reminding you why you got into nursing. She reminds us that what we are suppose to be doing in nursing should be in the best interest of patients and not all the other interests that clutter up health care today. I was changed after reading Pro-Nurse and better able to handle the stresses that we face trying to meet the challenges of nursing.”

Have you read the book? Do you agree with the above definition of nursing? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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