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Whether your specialty is orthopedics or pediatrics, chances are you’ll run into patients who have some sort of endocrine imbalance.

So, how well do you remember your endocrine system?

Let us help you brush up on the basics.

The client is scheduled for a transphenoidal hypophysectomy. During the immediate post-operative period, which nursing task should receive priority?

The client with Graves’ disease is experiencing exophthalmos. Which action taken by the nurse indicates that the nurse is aware of the problems associated with sicca?

The client returns from surgery following a thyroidectomy. Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of the needs of the client who has a thyroidectomy?

Which action by the nurse indicates that she understands the necessary action to be taken if the client with diabetes has altered sensorium and skin that is cold and clammy?

The client is experiencing the Somogyi effect of his diabetes mellitus. Which action indicates that the nurse understands the Somogyi effect?

The client is experiencing dawn phenomenon associated with diabetes mellitus. Which action by the nurse indicates knowledge of dawn phenomenon?

The client has an order for administration of 10 units of regular insulin to be given at 7:00 a.m. The nurse should offer a snack at:

The client is being treated with NPH insulin at 8:00 am. The nurse should offer a snack at:

The client scheduled for a pacemaker insertion has been taking metformin (Glucophage) for control of diabetes mellitus. Which instruction should the nurse give the client taking metformin?

The client is admitted with Cushing’s disease. Which symptoms support the diagnosis of Cushing’s disease?

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