Real nurses: Our favorite LPN Instagram images of the week

We love seeing real nurses in action, especially when they look like they’re having a good time! When we aren’t connecting with you here on Scrubs, we’re chatting with smart, opinionated nurses on our Facebook page or searching for fun nursing pictures on Instagram. Here are five of our favorite images this week, featuring LPNs!


This mom and Army wife got a great surprise when her hubby stopped by to visit her at work. Awwww!

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This week, Instagram was full of photos of graduates on their big day. One of our favorite shots included these three friends, all LPN grads in Canada. Congrats!


Another LPN grad, looking gorgeous at her ceremony in Tennessee.


Courtney tagged this sweet photo with an even sweeter caption: “Happy Mother’s Day to two of the most influential people in my life, two great nurses themselves. I was honored to have been pinned by them last night. #graduatedpracticalnurse #imanurse #family #momma #auntwendy #lpn.”


Caity from Long Island enjoyed her shift immensely when some cute EMTs gave her some attention! Still, she couldn’t help wishing to be elsewhere…”But I’d rather be watching the #bruins game right now! #bostonbruins #hockey #nhl.”

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Are you on Instagram? Taken any awesome team (or self) photos on a particularly stylish day? Share your looks on our Facebook page!

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