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Retired RN’s cat makes an incredible journey home



One retired RN had a very happy start to 2013–her missing cat miraculously reappeared after traveling 190 miles to return home!

Back in November, 4-year-old Holly got separated from her owners, Jason and Bonnie Richter, while on vacation nearly 200 miles from their West Palm Beach, Fla. home. On New Year’s Eve, the tortoiseshell cat reappeared in Barb Mazzola’s backyard about a mile from the Richters’ home, The New York Times reports.

The Mazzolas cared for Holly for about a week and took her to a veterinarian. Though her claws and foot pads were worn down, probably from her long trip, the cat was generally healthy, despite having lost nearly half of her body weight during her journey. At the vet, the Mazzolas also discovered that Holly had an implanted microchip, leading her back to the Richters.

The Richters cried upon being reunited with Holly, who instantly relaxed when placed on her owner’s shoulder.

Curious about the science behind little Holly’s long journey? Read the entire story over at The New York Times


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