RNchat? Nurses engaged and embedded in the social web


Over the past year or so I’ve become more involved with the ‘social’ aspects of the internet. Everything from blogging, microblogging and social media. A year ago I started a lil’ blog as well as joined the ranks of Twitter, and this past spring I dived into Facebook.
All of the above mentioned ventures have proven fruitful and enlightening. I have met and continue to interact and ‘chat’ with such a diverse group of individuals! I have come to realize at an alarming rate just how many nurses are out there on the internets!! Not only are they out there.. but they are just like me! They have a thirst for the ‘social’ aspect of the web, they have a passion for this wonderful profession of nursing, and they’re just down right nice people to get to know.

This past year has exploded with nurses and fellow health care professionals out there! It’s mind boggling. I meet or chat with a new medical/health care professional every week – at the very least (it’s usually much, much more).

The collaboration, sharing, and networking is just astonishing. I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my mind around just how big this thing has gotten.. and just how much bigger it will become. The numbers are climbing, and the interest keeps growing. Before you know it nurses and the word social media will become as synonymous as the word blog and internet. (yep.. I’m aiming high).

Recently efforts are being made to corral the conversation. Phil Baumann has created and conducts an awesome ‘virtual’ chat on Twitter called RN Chat. It’s a free-form forum-type thinking-and-action discussion. It of course is geared for RN’s, but other healthcare and medical professionals are welcome to participate. The chat’s are pre-scheduled at designated times. Each chat session is given a couple days to a week notice for everyone to try and attend. The ‘chat’ is began, guided and monitored by Phil himself, who also participates in the dialog.

Phil has taken the time to create a dedicated website that gives all the great details about this awesome community-driven service at RNchat. It also gives a detailed transcript of each previous chat session! (How cool is that?) So if you miss the chat, and wanted to know what was discussed.. you can take a gander. Tucked snugly within this website is also a great list of RN’s on Twitter! Phil thought of everything.

So without further ado here is the man himself: Serendipity, Community & Nursing (via YouTube video)

Way to go Phil!

Be sure to say hi to Phil or myself the next time you are on Twitter. Not on Twitter? Why not? Come say hi to the nurses on Twitter!

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