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Safe medications principles quiz IV


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Test your knowledge of safe medications practices in our Safe Medications Principles Quiz IV.

This is part 4 of 5. Be sure to catch up on Parts One, Two and Three.

Safe Medications Principles Quiz IV

(10 Questions)

If a drug calculation is required, this should be documented and retained within the patient’s notes.

For critical drug calculations, what is the best approach?

A nurse should delay administration if she is unsure of the clinical condition of the patient in relation to the drug to be given.

A nurse should check the patient’s medication record to see that the medicine has not been given previously and/or is within the time limits allowed.

Which area of medication administration is most commonly neglected and is frequently the subject of investigations by professional nursing regulatory bodies?

If a prescribed medication is not given to the patient, the nurse must provide a clear rationale and reasons in the patient’s record.

Any drug errors must be reported as soon as recognized to minimize the possible negative outcomes.

Drug calculations for children should be based on actual body weight.

If the computed total daily dose for the pediatric patient exceeds an adult dose, the adult dosage should be administered instead.

A nurse should check the medication package three times before giving the drug, and once more before she tosses the packaging into the trash can.


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