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Safe medications principles quiz V


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Test your knowledge of safe medications practices in our Safe Medications Principles Quiz V.

This is the final portion of the Safe Medications Principles Quiz.
You can also catch up on Parts One, Two, Three and Four.

Safe Medications Principles Quiz V

(9 Questions)

It is not necessary to tell the patient what medication they are getting as it just confuses them.

If a patient says that this is not the medication they are supposed to receive, reassure them that it is the correct medication and insist that they take it.

Transdermal patches can be placed anywhere on the body.

An IV flush should be infused at the same rate as the original drug being administered.

Medication packaging should be broken while at the nurses’ station or in the med room and dropped into a pill cup.

Absorption of a drug can be increased by rubbing a transdermal patch or applying heat or a warming blanket.

The cap of the IV catheter should be removed well in advance of its insertion.

Any tape can be used to secure an IV line.

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) dressing:


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