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Everything was going so well. Your firm handshake and professional demeanor got you a warm smile from the head nurse. The interview started off with some small talk that turned into some skillfully answered questions. You can just about see what your average shift is going to look like.

Then, just like that, the nursing interview takes a turn for the worse.

Whether it’s a question you weren’t prepared for or an answer that falls flat, it’s easy to tell when a nursing interview has gone off course. And it’s quite possibly the most nerve-wracking, upsetting, desperate experience a job seeker can suffer.

As a nurse, you probably know that you can make the best of a bad situation, no matter how dire. However, saving a bad interview takes quick thinking and persistence — exactly the qualities you’ll need to be good at your job. Are you up to the challenge?

Click thru for solutions to the five most common sticky situations:

  1. Drawing a blank
  2. The devil’s advocate
  3. No chemistry
  4. Sweaty palms syndrome
  5. Too little, too late

Sticky Situation #1: Drawing a blank –>

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