The truth behind a nurse’s facial expressions

The hospital is nothing if not unpredictable, and nurses know best that the mood can shift from “awww” to “THIS IS TERRIFYING” at any given moment. That’s why you’ve perfected your on-the-job poker face, and employ it often.
But what if you really could wear your heart (or impatience…or exhaustion…) on your uniform sleeve? And we’re talking all day. What would that look like?

Based upon our best guesses below, it may be that the poker face really is for the best.

When you have to exchange a “hello” with the hospital’s resident know-it-all on your way into work:

When the new nurse asks what time lunch is…

…and then asks if anybody ever clocks out early:

When your patient’s brother is actually pretty wonderful to look at:

When the guy in room #3 tries to explain to you what he was doing with the spear currently embedded in his thigh:

When a visitor attempts to wake your sleeping patient:


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