The truth behind a nurse’s facial expressions

When you and your BFF realize you have the same day off:

But shortly after, the two of you are dragged into a code brown situation:

When you’re interrupted while trying to comfort an emotional family member:

When your favorite patient knows just what to say to flatter you:

When you’re trying to explain to a visitor why they can’t smoke in the waiting room:

When your nurse intuition totally steamrolls a false diagnosis:

When you witness something pretty foul, and you need to take a moment…

…or you’re trying so very hard not to laugh at a truly absurd situation:

When you’re daydreaming about sleep.

Or food.

Or food and sleep:

When the rookie nurse that you’ve taken under your wing finally performs a perfect blood draw:

When you have to explain to a patient (for the seventh time) that WebMD is not more reliable than you are:

When you finally arrive home from work and it’s actually a pretty dramatic moment because you haven’t seen your significant other in four days…

…and you know you should eat dinner, but you’re just so tired:

But then you think about everything you’ve accomplished that day, and you finally feel pretty incredible:


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