A Scranton nurse still wears the traditional uniform every single day!

Hemera | Thinkstock + Scrubs

Uniform? Check. No jewelry? Check. Nurse’s cap? Check! Nurse Leona Campbell of Scranton, Pa., still wears the traditional nursing uniform—the same one in use when she entered the profession more than four decades ago!

For Campbell, the cap is a point of pride; she says patients respect her decision and it helps her “do [her] job better.”

Would you like to return to the days of nursing caps and all-white uniforms? Or are you glad to don your colorful scrubs and keep your head bare?

Source: http://thetimes-tribune.com/lifestyles-people/scranton-woman-wears-nurse-s-uniform-with-pride-for-41-years-1.1268427#axzz1mH2QNOCS

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