“Scrubbing In” employer defends show, says it will help with nursing shortage

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Earlier this month, we showed you the trailer for the new MTV reality show about travel nurses, Scrubbing In. Now, amid heavy backlash from the nursing community, Aya Healthcare, the company that employs the nine travel nurses on the show, has issued a press release explaining its position and defending the nurses’ antics, er, actions.

Here’s the full release, including the credentials of the cast and why the company feels the show will be a positive reflection on the industry:

Nine Aya Healthcare travel nurses will have their travel assignments documented on Scrubbing In, a new docu-series on MTV.

Aya Healthcare travel nurses are relocated to various destinations around the United States to perform work in hospitals on a temporary basis. The nurses documented on Scrubbing In were relocated to Orange County, California.

The featured travel nurses represent a new generation of nurses who have recently entered the workforce.  They are highly trained and deeply passionate about nursing. Six of the Scrubbing In travel nurses have Level 1 trauma center ICU experience. A Level 1 trauma center treats the most critically ill patients and requires the highest skilled ICU nurses. Two of the nurses are experienced Emergency Room travelers and have multiple assignments with Aya Healthcare under their belt. One of the featured nurses is a floor nurse with an exceptional bedside manner.

Through the Scrubbing In participation, Aya Healthcare intends to create a greater awareness about the heroic work nurses do every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, the United States is experiencing a nursing shortage that is only expected to worsen. With over 40% of the nursing population approaching retirement age, the country needs a new generation of nurses to take their place. Through its Scrubbing In participation, Aya Healthcare is hoping to inspire the generation of young people watching MTV to consider nursing as a possible career choice.

Aya Healthcare is Joint Commission certified and maintains extremely stringent credentialing standards for its travel nurses. The nurses featured in the series underwent the same rigorous screening process as all other Aya Healthcare travel nurses. This includes thorough background checks, education verifications and drug screens. The travel nurses featured on Scrubbing In obtained all appropriate state licenses before any patient care was performed in the hospitals.

Scrubbing In was filmed in 2 hospitals in Orange County, California. The show premieres on MTV, Thursday, October 24that 10pm ET/PT.

Nurses, will you be watching? Were you put off by the trailer? Do you think the show could negatively (or positively!) impact the public’s view of your profession? Tell us in the comments below!

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8 Responses to “Scrubbing In” employer defends show, says it will help with nursing shortage


    Just from the preview/trailer, these “nurses” do NOT depict the REAL lives of nurses (both on & off duty) … Why weren’t the staff nurses from these facilities asked to film rather than use travelers??? Because any professional nurse would want NO PART in being filmed working alongside these dysfunctional-drunk-hot-messes … Based on the trailer, I wouldn’t want to work alongside with ANY of them, let alone be cared for by one of them … Could I recommend a REAL documentary about nurses called “Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now” for you to view if you REALLY want to know about nurses … In closing, thank you Aya Healthcare & MTV for your participation in setting professional nursing back 50 years!!!

  2. lisa3

    I’m guessing this isn’t a joke? OK, got it. What is worse than defending a trashy show that demeans us? A nursing magazine who appears to be so out of touch they use the phrase ‘nursing shortage’ without blinking an eye. What’s even worse than that? Suggesting that Orange County, CA needs to import nurses!

    Why don’t you show a shred of integrity and do some homework before you publish something. There is no longer a nursing shortage. California new graduates are still unemployed in numbers around 40% after a year of searching. Thanks for helping keep a garbage show alive and not having.a clue about the subject you’re writing about.

  3. trubled72

    I watched about 15 minutes of it. I was horrified. it portrays nurses as party animals with no clue of the meaning of professionalism. the only way out could get worse is if someone died die to their care or they wrote slutty nurse costumes at work. I bet the staff was ready for them to get out!

  4. cgal23825

    As a nurse since 1985, I was disgusted by these nurses, and how nurses are depicted on the show. There is no “reality” here. When the on nurse said she liked to put 40% effort in nursing and 60% to partying, I thought what poor commitment to her profession. I considered nursing a “calling”, not just a job. I’m proud of my profession, and had a family while going to nursing school. I eventually became a Labor & Delivery nurse. And, I can tell you the wildest we ever got was forming a bunco club that went to each other’s homes monthly. Not like these young, argumenative, immature, unprofessional men and women you have chosen to represent our profession. And, two with DUIs!!! I will not be watching this show beyond this premier show. It is not representative of the profession I love. It would be nice if for once a “reality” show selected people who really represented the profession and didn’t just go for whatever conflict and depravement they can show to try to create interest.

  5. missmel25

    I really wish this had been a great nursing show. I really wish it did educate the public regarding what a nurses day to day life was really about. Sadly it is not.

    Today, 24,207 agree it needs to be cancelled at http://www.change.org/petitions/mtv-cancel-scrubbing-in. Checkout the website. The American Nurses Association and many other American and Canadian Nursing Associations are supporting the cancellation. Research and make your own informed decision.

  6. mkeep74

    First of all the nursing shortage doesn’t really exist. There are multiple nurse in my state who cannot find jobs, despite the fact that we spend a lot of money on nursing programs in the desire to be a nurse and help people. I get ticked off every time I hear about a “shortage”.
    Second, while this show is a joke in that it doesn’t represent nursing, I think these people are just young and doing what young people do. I don’t have a problem with that, except that as it pertains to nursing, it makes the rest of us seem a joke to the general public. I’m tired of tv programs that show nursing in the most demeaning light. When will the day come that people will see nurses as professionals that are separate from doctors and that have a real impact in patients lives? THe answer is never, if this is how they are always portrayed. I’m tired of fighting this stereotype and wish the people who make these shows could work along side of a nurse for even one shift. They would never again make shows like this. Also if they really think this is representative of the nurses caring for their loved ones I feel sorry for them.

  7. This is a terrible representation of our profession and the nurses involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. nycnurse

    You need to understand the difference between new graduate inexperienced nurses to an experienced RN. There is a profound shortage of experienced nurses! Not all hospitals have the ability or time to train a new nurse without real clinical experience. Furthermore a high turnover exists in bedside hospital based nursing especially in the critical care setting. Learn your facts before you post erroneous statements. And in response to this show its garbage! Watch Boston med or ny med if you want to see what real nurses do on the job.