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“Scrubbing In” employer defends show, says it will help with nursing shortage


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Earlier this month, we showed you the trailer for the new MTV reality show about travel nurses, Scrubbing In. Now, amid heavy backlash from the nursing community, Aya Healthcare, the company that employs the nine travel nurses on the show, has issued a press release explaining its position and defending the nurses’ antics, er, actions.

Here’s the full release, including the credentials of the cast and why the company feels the show will be a positive reflection on the industry:

Nine Aya Healthcare travel nurses will have their travel assignments documented on Scrubbing In, a new docu-series on MTV.

Aya Healthcare travel nurses are relocated to various destinations around the United States to perform work in hospitals on a temporary basis. The nurses documented on Scrubbing In were relocated to Orange County, California.

The featured travel nurses represent a new generation of nurses who have recently entered the workforce.  They are highly trained and deeply passionate about nursing. Six of the Scrubbing In travel nurses have Level 1 trauma center ICU experience. A Level 1 trauma center treats the most critically ill patients and requires the highest skilled ICU nurses. Two of the nurses are experienced Emergency Room travelers and have multiple assignments with Aya Healthcare under their belt. One of the featured nurses is a floor nurse with an exceptional bedside manner.

Through the Scrubbing In participation, Aya Healthcare intends to create a greater awareness about the heroic work nurses do every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, the United States is experiencing a nursing shortage that is only expected to worsen. With over 40% of the nursing population approaching retirement age, the country needs a new generation of nurses to take their place. Through its Scrubbing In participation, Aya Healthcare is hoping to inspire the generation of young people watching MTV to consider nursing as a possible career choice.

Aya Healthcare is Joint Commission certified and maintains extremely stringent credentialing standards for its travel nurses. The nurses featured in the series underwent the same rigorous screening process as all other Aya Healthcare travel nurses. This includes thorough background checks, education verifications and drug screens. The travel nurses featured on Scrubbing In obtained all appropriate state licenses before any patient care was performed in the hospitals.

Scrubbing In was filmed in 2 hospitals in Orange County, California. The show premieres on MTV, Thursday, October 24that 10pm ET/PT.

Nurses, will you be watching? Were you put off by the trailer? Do you think the show could negatively (or positively!) impact the public’s view of your profession? Tell us in the comments below!


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