Scrubs are kind of crazy
for a spooky little nurse like you


Who doesn’t like to dress up once a year and show their spooky side? With Halloween just around the corner, you may be catching pumpkin fever. Here are several top scrubs picks that let you celebrate at work while still making it easy for patients to identify you as a member of the nursing staff. After all, you don’t want to trick your patients, just treat them.
Halloween Prints
Dickies and Cherokee both offer a different spin on the black cat for scrubs prints. The Kool Cat warm-up jacket from Dickies is one you might already have in your closet if you are a dyed-in-the-fur cat lover. It translates well into a Halloween jacket if you wear it over a black or an orange top.

Kool Cat Warm-Up Jacket


Cherokee’s Hello Kitty Halloween print is more season-specific. This favorite feline icon is too cute for words flying through the night on a broomstick with her mousey by her side. The orange and black color combination is still feminine with touches of hot pink popping out here and there.

Hello Kitty Halloween


If you’re more of a dog person, don’t feel left out! Cherokee has Scooby Scary Squares to satisfy your desire for creepy canine prints. This top will go with scrubs pants in pretty much any color.

Scooby Scary Squares


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