Scrubs beauty – our favorite tips for busy nurses

Svitlana Martyn | iStock | Thinkstock
Svitlana Martyn | iStock | Thinkstock

The demands on a nurse are as varied as they are plentiful, which means that there’s often little time and energy left over to address your own unique beauty needs. Still, it’s important to start each and every day (no matter how long that day may be!) looking and feeling confident, healthy and exuberant, because your glow can be infectious.

So to help, we’ve gathered a round up of some of our most useful (and of coursefabulous) pieces of beauty advice by and for nurses. From product lists to handy tips, you’ll find it all here.

And if you simply don’t have the time to browse them all? Meet bookmark, every busy nurse’s best digital friend. Then, make a note to come back later for an added dose of beauty advice, courtesy of your friends here at Scrubs.

Stay up to date with the latest! Check out “Beauty 911” from the Fall 2014 issue of Scrubs for fixes to your biggest beauty questions.

Beauty Pointers Just for Nurses: 

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Products, Products, Products: 

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