Scrubs caption contest! – April 11, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

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“I’m so sorry sweetheart, it was just an A-fib!”

– submitted by Donna Turner

This Week’s Contest – April 11, 2011

nurse caption contest April 11, 2011

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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63 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – April 11, 2011

  1. vikki pennington

    I’m sorry sir, How many Viagra did you say you took?

  2. vikki pennington

    I’m sorry sir, How many clinics did you say you went to donating plasma???

  3. Nicole

    Hmm…kick off is in 15 minutes give him that shot to calm him down, page me in the break room if you need me.

  4. Nicole

    This is why it is a good idea to wear a condom…..Nurse do you have that penicillan ready?

  5. Nicole

    Well my nurse here is going to give you a shot of Rocephin, this should take care of that gonorrhea. I am also including a box of condoms with your discharge paperwork.

  6. Stacey DeLong

    “That nurse is my ex-wife doctor….is there any way another nurse can give me the injection??? She wil enjoy it wayyyyy too much!!!!!

  7. Nonni

    “I hope your not afraid of needles,” Dr Smith injected.

  8. Nonni

    Did you hear about the nurse who gave an injection with the lights off?….It was a shot in the dark!

  9. Betty Spangle

    “I wonder how long I have to stand here to justify the billing?”

  10. Vicki

    This shot will only burn a little not like when you pee.

  11. Abby

    You’re going to have her put that where?!!

  12. I was only here for my nursing school interview

  13. Holly

    You’re sticking the needle where? I’m not wearing clean underwear.

  14. Stephanie

    Patience man, the nurse has your pain shot.

  15. Stephanie

    Please let me finish my exam, the nurse will give you your pain shot in a minute. (I wish these pain seekers would stay out of this ER)

  16. Brenda

    If she comes a step closer with that needle…. this might get physical!!!

  17. He’s running a temp, blood count’s low, hmm……hold that sedative nurse, looks like I’ll make my 3 o’clock tee time after all!

  18. serena graham

    Are you sure this isn’t for you Doctor.

  19. Karen

    A unit of blood, a shot and 6 extra tests…patient is fuming, Dr is fed up with medicine, and this will be an extra 30 minutes of charting, All to make lawyers and bean counters happy. Then they wonder why modern medicine is broke and the country is too.

  20. Karen

    A unit of blood, a shot and 6 extra tests…patient is fuming, Dr is fed up with medicine, and this will be an extra 30 minutes of charting, All to make lawyers and bean counters happy. Then they wonder why modern medicine is broke and the country is too.

  21. Your going to shovel what up my butt,”doctor”!!!”

  22. Your going to shovel what up my butt,”doctor”!!!”

  23. Doctor!!! Your going to shove what up my butt,look at what!!!

  24. Sue

    Yes Charlie, it could be a reaction to the tiger’s blood or the Adonis DNA. Either way, this injection should take care of your problems.

  25. “Doctor, this is not Mr. Smith. Your patient, Mr. Adams, is in the next room.”

  26. Lorie Schraeder

    Critical thinking?!

  27. teresa

    Hey doc I’m red enough… are you sure my blood count is low??

  28. teresa

    (Nurse looking at Dr. and thinking) “Remember that day you yelled at me infront of my patient….?”

  29. Angie Mitchell

    Sorry Mr. Sheen but, your tiger blood count is too low! The nurse is also going to give you an injection for that winning syndrome you are suffering from!

  30. Kathy

    Hey Doc this one’s for you!

  31. Nancy Geddings

    Nurse sneaking in from “behind” – “I knew I’d find our missing psych pt. “Dr. Looney” down here in the ER” (Ativan ready) !

  32. Vivian MacDonald

    Doctors may give orders, but it’s nurses who call the shots!

  33. shirley batik

    I’m not really a Doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

  34. Andriea

    It’s obvious the doctor isn’t enjoying the reverse role playing….but the nurse looks pretty excited!

  35. Mary Beth

    “No! There’s no chance that I’m pregnant!!!”

  36. April

    “If the hypotension doesn’t get you the nurse behind me will!”

  37. Tim Huffmaster

    “Well, I’ve never treated a sunburn with morphine but if you say you have pain…”

  38. Nanci

    Shot….fifty dollars….Examination….hundreds….Blood transfusion…thousands….the peace of mind they will run every diagnostic test know to mankind including pregnancy test…priceless

  39. Beth

    Make sure you use the 16 gauge needle on this one…

  40. Suzanne Schwartz

    “You’re almost as hot as my nurse!”

  41. Tina

    Damn…..when did it get this late? I am missing tee-off!

  42. Dianne

    2 minutes. My time is up. Obama care, you know.

  43. Misty

    Doctors “practice medicine” but “nurses get it right”!

  44. Susan

    Role over on your side, this will not hurt long.

  45. Thelma

    … “This isn’t going 2 hurt at all – just a little pressure
    Mr. Justin Urahbutt”

    doc says 2self; I wonder what….ahh crap my Tee-off is in 5 mins….’TAKE A DEEP BREATH Mr Justin Urabutt’

  46. Tom Tomaski


  47. Eliza Fletcher

    Trust me, you would rather have me here than . . . her! (Says quietly . . . is she still there?)

  48. Brian Stork

    ” I hope the nurse doesn’t think I mistreated you.”

  49. mountjoy

    “Any minute now that nurse will be here with your pain shot and i can get back to watching the race.”

  50. Brenda Cupp

    Oh yeah, when the doctor leaves I’ll give you that pain shot you have been demanding and yelling at me for, but it won’t be in the IV mister!!!

  51. Waletta August

    Hey Doc! Anyway you could mix whatever that is in that syringe in the bag already hanging to my left?

  52. Kathy Cunningham

    Ready ! No matter who gets physical, I’ve got it covered! Shouldn’t tell a patient what his bill is till after the doctor is gone!

  53. justsayin Steele

    I swear that’s my gut rumbling…not my apical pulse!!!!

  54. Rebecca

    Doctor: “Oh, you mean the nurse standing behind me?
    PT: Yeah”
    Doctor: She’s my bodyguard. I hand you the bill and I take off for the golf course. She runs interference using the needle and syringe. Just don’t argue and write out a check to pay the bill and you won’t get hurt……
    PT: Does it work?
    Doctor: After they took away her tazer and mace she found the hypodermic syringe with the longest, biggest bore hole needle she could find, it can do some damage. See that smirk the nurse has on her face? She just hopes you will give her a little trouble.

  55. Nurse Betty

    “Nurse Betty here tells me you blamed your inappropriate erection on priapism….well we have just the treatment for that.”

  56. Kelly

    “No Doctor,he’s not my ex-boyfriend. I don’t know this gentleman at all.”

  57. Amy

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…..

  58. Amy W

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  59. Shay

    “Tastes like a rectal thermometer to me!!!”

  60. shana

    “Are you sure this is an ORAL thermometer???”

  61. shana

    “It doesn’t taste like an ORAL thermometer!!!”

  62. rebea brown

    Yeah,I know you love the nurses, but,I.m getting sick of seeing the “Hey Nursie” tatoo on your butt

  63. jdowns

    “Hi, I’m Dr. operation, I’ll will be attempting to remove that funny bone there in the next second or two.”