Scrubs caption contest! – April 4, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

nurse caption contest march 28, 2011

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“You try working a double shift, and see if you can remember!?!?”

– submitted by Kaitlyn

This Week’s Contest – April 4, 2011

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57 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – April 4, 2011

  1. Stephanie Coco-Ako

    Oh, my dearest heart. Please don’t break. I keep IV fluids infusing so you can pump, pump, pump strong enough to get outta that bed soon.

  2. Christy

    What do they mean by “cardiomegaly?”

  3. Donna Turner

    “I’m so sorry sweetheart, it was just an A-fib”!

  4. Jacqui

    Does this IV Bag make my heart look big?

  5. stephanie

    A true heart patient.

  6. Deborah

    I always knew you had a big heart… I just didn’t know it would take so many fluids to keep it pumping

  7. “The GOOD news is: we don’t have to do open heart surgery!”

  8. John

    “Great news, a donor has come forward with a new set of strings.”

  9. John

    Great news, a donor has come forward with a new set of strings.

  10. sharyn mcinerney

    “how can you mend a broken heart…?”

  11. Lisa Brasher

    A bolus of hope for my heart on the mend.

  12. Jodie

    Go ahead, make my day….VASODIALATE! or
    I’ll tnkase your block!

  13. Wendy Barnes

    I always knew you were all heart!!

  14. Marc Beauchamp RN

    Sometimes it takes all your heart to stay in the game
    of life!

  15. Amanda

    Cardiac nurses are all heart!

  16. Erika Williams

    Sorry Mr. A. Flutter…..but I thought it was only heartburn!!

  17. Sharon

    Achy, Breaky heart was just a song!!!!! Why do you always take me literally!!!!

  18. Kim Tucker

    Oop’s I did it again! That order read 1000cc’s not 10000cc’s! Thank goodness there is lasix for this kinda problem!

  19. Toye Little

    How do you mend a broken heart?

  20. Laura

    I am so sorry sweetheart, the doctors said it was impossible to put you on life support ventilation at this time due to your enlarged heart problem!

  21. Kim

    I KNEW he was heartless!!!!!

  22. Kim

    I KNEW he was heartless!!!!!

  23. Robin

    Oh, what was that again??? Mag Sulfate, Atropine, Epi, Adenosine??? Oh please tell me, I can’t get a hold of the Dr., oh…my…which one, please tell me!

  24. debbie

    my what a big heart u have!

  25. Joanne

    Rest up my heart…i need u beating strong!

  26. josiane

    i think im loosing my heart…NFR:(

  27. Hang on darling…. You are on the top of the body transplant list!!

  28. Alyssa

    Let’s not argue about who’s more heartsick.

  29. Sandi

    Hang on… We just have to get your preload up a little more.. Hang on…

  30. deborah hauser

    Please don’t leave me. You are all I have. YOU know I left MY heart in San Francisco!!

  31. Lindy

    “what will I do without my heart?”

  32. smarterthantheaveragedan

    wadda ya mean you don’t like my nose?!

  33. Tracy

    I’d give you my heart sweetie, but I don’t think I’d measure up.

  34. Megan

    I just signed that DNR…and found out you cancelled your life insurance! WHYY!!

  35. Tina

    Did you lose your hearing aids again Art? I said you’d be the perfect commercial replacement for the Aflack duck, not heart attack smuck!

  36. Stephanie Lunsford

    Please Heart, don’t break or I will die. I need you to survive.

  37. Carla Cross

    Baby, Baby can’t ya hear my hart beat?

  38. Ruth

    Wadda ya mean your heart is bigger than mine ?

  39. Ronnie

    You think the left atrium is bad?…. Next time it will be the ventricle!!!! :)

  40. Quizzie

    Where does my heart beats now???

  41. Colleen

    I’m so sorry, Dr.! When I said “That guy has no heart!” I never dreamed it would come to this!”

  42. Dee Roach

    The doctor said they can mend your broken heart!!

  43. “…I can’t believe I attacked him!!!”

  44. phyllis

    How do you mend a broken heart?

  45. Tracy Woodard

    Good Nurses really get to the heart of the matter.

  46. Emily Jean

    “We’re gonna need some more staff for compressions on this one”

  47. cindy

    and you said it was reflux?

  48. Marie

    …and this, students, is a classic case of cardiomegaly caused by fluid overload.

  49. Marie

    …and this, students, is a classic case of cardiomegaly caused by fluid overload.

  50. Stacey DeLong

    Great news!!! Your husband’s PICC line was the EASIEST we’ve ever had to insert!!!!!

  51. jessica

    Dont worry your number 132781924 on the body transplant list.

  52. Melissa C

    The end of my work week, my brain is in the next bed….

  53. Maria

    Do you realize how much blood is a unit these days?? It’s no wonder I’m crying!!

  54. Debbie Cook

    I see the cardiologist has been in to see you!

  55. Debbie Cook

    I see you’ve had your heart transplant 😉

  56. alicia glover

    I’m sorry Sweetheart..I thought Mucinex was for Congestion Heart Failure!

  57. Ambyr

    I’m sorry ma’am, we found this after your husbands surgery. You were right about him being heartless.