Scrubs caption contest – August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

nurse caption contest

image: iStockphoto | Thinkstock

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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49 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – August 16, 2010

  1. Diana Liford

    Yeah, so how do you like my new “Write On” program? You just connect the dots to show where to start the mandible surgery. Cool, huh?

  2. JentheRN

    And the parietal bone’s connected to the….

  3. Elliott E.

    Pencil but no penicillin!

  4. angela

    “Nurse! Come quick! Why is there a booger in this man’s shoulder joint?”

  5. Danielle

    ….and right here is were this pencil was previoulsy located before i removed it

  6. Myra Duhon

    Hmmm. Is that supposed to be there?

  7. Your name

    let’s get the lead out

  8. Paula

    Where did it go? I know it WAS right there!
    (as the tiney little bug crawls away)

  9. Cathy Moses

    Connect the dots game for those that didn’t make it through medical school.

  10. Lori Cofer


  11. booradley

    You get off at Exit 64; turn left at the stop sign, and the hotel will be about a half mile down on your right.

  12. booradley

    32 to 33 to 34…I’m pretty sure when I’m done with this it will be a picture of a rabbit.

  13. Anita Wood

    This connect the dot puzzle is harder then I thought it would be.

  14. RoseAnna Navarrete

    Ummm….what is this called again? Quick, nurse…hand me my Medsurg book!

  15. If I stay just like this for long enough, maybe, just maybe they will think I know what i’m doing!!!

  16. Hristina

    Where is that patient’s nose?!$*^#$ Lets draw some ..

  17. Hristina

    Ouuuu black & white coloring book :) I have some free time

  18. Gayle Hill

    If i put this pencil mark on there, then that means something is wrong, right??? $$$$$$

  19. Ronna Pine

    I must draw inside the lines…….

  20. See, I can fool the best of them. I’m not a real doctor, I just play one in photo ads. I am really an exorcist.

  21. Wanda

    “This looks like as good a place as any to make the first incision!”

  22. Laura Frozano

    I can just fill this inand pretend I havent seen it!!!

  23. Krista Baker

    Nurse, come quick… I’m the new picasso!! Now I know my true calling!!

  24. leonora coombs

    The parietal bone is missing

  25. Norma

    As you can see this Mummy is a Pharaoh from the 5th Dynasty. Note all the gold fillings in his teeth !!

  26. Kathleen

    WOW !!!! This is the bestest Etch A Sketch yet. Look at that detail.

  27. Kathleen

    WOW !!!!! This is the bestest Etch A Sketch yet . Look at all of the detail.

  28. The latest budget cut – tracing X-Ray images from the monitor!

  29. Marj

    Now what was I looking for again..

  30. Linda King

    Finally finished my self portrait!

  31. Niki Mayo

    Is this where I enter my orders?

  32. Kris

    Ok , I think this is his head, hmmm, if I could just find his intestines…

  33. Woops! Thats no mandible thats the skull.

  34. Charlene

    “go here…around this….back up here….swing around this thing…and I’m almost out of this maze…”

  35. Miranda

    Don’t worry. It’s not July anymore. This guy has a whole month under his belt.

  36. Cindy V

    This guy is so dumb that, I think if we drill here and remove only a small piece of brain matter for my clinical research, no one will ever notice.

  37. Barrie Colehouse

    But where’s the brain?!?

  38. Kate

    Hummm, I could have sworn that’s where I left the sponge.

  39. Jules Ü

    This is a weird looking Scantron sheet but, ok.

  40. Kevin Mullins

    “I stay at a Holiday Inn Express…… and I get THIS as a complimentary gift?”

  41. Judy

    So THATS where I left it!!!

  42. Sandra Harris

    Hmmm…I think if I move this bone here, and place it over here we will have a working Joint Comminsion
    Surveyor with no speaking ability..But wait do we have the policy in place to handle this…

  43. Sandra Harris

    Did we get the insurance companies approval for removing the shoe from this Joint comminission workers mouth before I get started.?

  44. Alexis/Bryce

    worst mirror image ever!

  45. Tara Haskell

    Dr. X never could get over that urge to draw mustaches on pictures he didn’t like.

  46. Alysha

    Uh oh now I know where my gum went.

  47. CathyJoRN

    Dr. McLucky quickly mastered the art of brain surgery through his correspondence course while performing penn and ink drawings thru the Art Institute of America.

  48. Audrey

    Hang on a sec, Let me Pencil You in….

  49. Shawn

    “If you squint your eyes and stare long enough you can see an eagle carrying a fish in its claws!”