Scrubs caption contest – August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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30 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – August 23, 2010

  1. Kathleen

    This is Dr. who ??? Yikes !!! What ? No Kidding ? What am I supposed to do ?

  2. Quite calling me, can’t you see I’m stomping out disease and saving lives!!!!!

  3. Missy

    OMG! You found WHAT!? WHERE? How in the world could that happen!

  4. Elliott E.

    Here’s another “Here’s Lucy” moment!

  5. Lisa Larson

    He grew WHAT in his sputum???

  6. Jennifer Arroyo

    Can you repeat that again DR??? You want me to ask Ms. Williams how far the contractions are and you will be here after your golf game…. Well what hole are you on then????

  7. Lori

    We want an order of Beef and broccoli, Moo Shu Pork and some extra egg rolls, please. STAT!

  8. jennifern.

    I’m calling to clarify your order, Dr. You wrote, “F/U CKD tomorrow.” That’s follow up chronic kidney disease, right?

  9. Renea Cotham

    And then she said WHAT?

  10. Kristi

    3 MOM enemas then 2 more Fleets? Kayexalate also? Yowser! (I’ll make sure and start that at 0630 just before my shift ends 😉 )

  11. E Sheehy


  12. Hristina

    WHAAATTT…I send the wrong patient to the OR …well at least he is going to have a free gender change operation…

  13. Hristina

    What did u say?!..Nurse X took as much blood as she could form that patient?! And how was that….5l (160 pounds)

  14. Mike

    You want me to what? Manually calculate an IV drip!?!?!

  15. Jan

    Look, Honey…for the fifth time, I told you I’m charting. I also told you to only call me if you or the kids are on fire!

  16. Ruby Akins

    NO!! You cannot! We already have a brain transplant scheduled for 3pm.

  17. monica

    What!!!!!!!!I thought you said room 34b
    How am I suppose to explain to MR and MRS. Smith that his son is circumcised? ……

    Oh Doctor your gonna have to come and tell him…..
    I just quit!

  18. michelle cook

    You want me to put WHAT???? WHERE?????

  19. Bruce

    It got in there,,,,,how?????

  20. Audi

    You put the Jelly Where????? I don’t think it said grape jelly!

  21. tonya

    Mom, what time are you coming home? I’ll be there soon! Two hours later… :(

  22. Kim

    Three boxes of Thin Mints, two boxes of Tag-A-Longs, four boxes of Samoas cost HOW MUCH? Dang in-department solicitation is gonna kill me!

  23. Let me get this straight, you put WHAT? WHERE? and now you CAN’T GET IT OUT?

  24. Shawn

    You want me to give what, to who, where and how often?!?!?! Hmmm……wait….can you hear me? I think…we……have..a..bad….connec…tion….I….can’t……bbbuuuuzzzzz

  25. Jilda Davenport, RN

    Pharmacy is all out of Ativan, Is duct tape considered a restraint?

  26. Jilda Davenport, RN

    Pharmacy is all out of that med, Do I need an order for duct tape??

  27. Tana

    Here lies the ashes of the last Dr who yelled at me!!

  28. Christy

    And why did you go to that Dr first? He can’t even keep the plants in his office alive!

  29. Chrissy

    ok for the last you have to take the enima out of the box before using…. men!

  30. FitKitt

    “OMG!!! ..LMAO…SERIOUSLY!!??
    You can TOTALLY TELL I’m doing KEGELS just by the sound of my Voice…?
    Wow Doc…Not too Shabby!”