Scrubs caption contest! – August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Corbis Photography | Veer

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

See our past winners here!



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33 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – August 9, 2010

  1. leonora coombs

    I can’t believe this……..I have surgery in the next 10 minutes!! Damn…. NURSE!!!!!!!!

  2. Victor

    What did you say that was on your scrubs?

  3. Jackie Keeney

    OMG!!! They raided the dumpster again

  4. rory

    ..not only is the food rancid, but transplanting the head of a ginger woman onto my tiny body goes way beyond the pale!

  5. Marleen May

    You say that I have to eat all of this before you give me something for pain?

  6. Jean

    You expect me to eat this without dessert!!! JELLO!!!!

  7. stephen hultgren

    92 Bordeaux? Excellent choice!

  8. Carol

    Yeeees, I would agree my roommate is having great results from her bowel prep!..Does this meal come with a nose clamp?

  9. Contrary to what your nose is telling you right now, dinner tonight is completely tasteless and won’t smell any worse on the other end. Bon Appetit!

  10. Kathleen

    KFC ? your kidding me ,right ?

  11. What???? This is only going to make me sicker!!!!!

  12. You don’t actually expect me to EAT this, do you? Why does it smell like that?

  13. Joycelyn Marr

    Not again! Somebody help me Please……

  14. Carrie Loos

    “You’re giving me THIS after an esophagogastroduodenoscopy?!?!”

  15. Paula

    Please, tell me this IS my food

  16. DiAnne

    But I requested a half portion…this is such a horrible waste of food.

  17. Jeffrey Bodurka

    How could you?! He was MY pet chicken.

  18. Karen

    O, so sorry I’m allergic to carrots, chicken and gravy, can I call for a pizza please?

  19. robin

    Its puraid what??

  20. I’M SORRY I DID IT Again! Could YOU PLease clean me up?

  21. Novella

    Is this my punisment for that “little” accident?

  22. kkay

    open the wide and let the choo choo train in ….!!!

  23. angela

    The only thing worse than this food?.. That scrubs ensemble! Scrubs Magazine could really help you “put it all together”!

  24. Becca

    Yes, the rumors are true…..we DO have a carrot farm in the basement.

  25. Cyndi

    Could you please put a sheet on the bed or let me put some pants on? Because of the “ICU” gown I’m sticking to the plastic mattress…

  26. Eileen

    Remember that stool sample you needed? Well that laxative really worked quickly, so when I get up can you collect it here from the sheets…..?

  27. Eileen

    Wow! That laxative sure worked fast! Can you get that sample you needed from the sheets when I get up?

  28. becky

    “And im having open heart surgery tomorrow? and THIS

  29. becky

    “And im having open heart surgery tomorrow and THIS is my last meal”

  30. Marie

    “I’m not sick ENOUGH?”

  31. Felica

    Nurse? Could I have some salt, another glass of milk, gravy on the side, another butter…oh and my pillow is a little flat…I’m sorry I don’t mean to treat you like a waitress…

  32. Marcia

    who are you? why are you in my room?

  33. nancy

    CHF PATIENT: “Can I pleaassse have some salt”

    or: “after I eat this, can I have something for nauseau?