Scrubs Caption Contest! – December 15, 2014

Last Week’s Winner


“And you thought elastic legged scrub bottoms were bad.” Submitted by Heather Hamblin.

This Week’s Contest – December 15, 2014


What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner! See our past winners here!



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10 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – December 15, 2014

  1. duRN

    “This recent technique is called the Nutrition Bong, can anyone tell me another use for this method?”

  2. ChrissyII

    This patient is refusing to do PT so we’re going to infuse a new regimen of coffee. Remember ladies start low go slow!!

  3. vampirecna

    And this class is how you give IV coffee to your patients.

  4. Sheryl Minns

    “And now for the tincture of tenderness… whoops! Too much!”
    “Don’t be silly, Sister! You can never have too much tenderness from a nurse!”

  5. newnurse72

    Watch carefully, Ladies. THIS is how your pour water!

  6. jennloutz

    The secrets in the gravy.

  7. lmcdrn

    “I hope you are all watching closely as you will be performing this therapeutic intervention on each other.”

  8. Stephanie Brundige

    Here is how we create the perfect starch mixture, for our head wraps must have pointed edges!!

  9. jailhousenurse

    “Slow & steady wins the race ladies.”

  10. Debbie Ellis

    Well I am amazed ………said the student nurse looking on..