Scrubs caption contest – December 27, 2010

Floating hosp. Nurses (LOC)photo © 1910 The Library of Congress | more info (via: Wylio)

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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23 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – December 27, 2010

  1. After staying up all night bleaching and starching this stupid apron, my patient said his coffee was cold and threw it at me! So, I put his pillow on his head and kept firm, even pressure until he stopped complaining!

  2. While the other nurses studied diligently, Hilda plotted…

  3. April Essary

    If they want us to float to that floor, we are going to have to review that speciality.

  4. Sophia W.

    Bella had to choose between Edward the Vampire and Jacob the werewolf…How on earth could she make that decision?

  5. cher

    I love being an OB nurse but floating to the ICU means flushing NG tubes. Where’s that pesky esophagus again? I’m only used to things coming out and NOT the esophagus!

  6. Valerie Reynolds

    When I took the job at the Floating Hospital, I forgot there were no floating ambulances…

  7. Mari Taylor

    She swore she wouldn’t be one of THOSE nurses… yet she suddenly found herself surrounded by them.

  8. Well I’ll be darn, it says to carry a life savior with you when you walk about the ship. Does that mean a sailor?

  9. Brenda Harper

    You want me to go where?

  10. Connie Manry

    Everyone of them keep saying “I don’t normally work this unit… Let me find an aide!”

  11. Joni Salazar

    Dr. Smith will need our help in the OR any minute “keep reading”

  12. Sara

    Look girls, I found it! The policy says that it’s okay for me to wear my wedding veil as my cap!!

  13. Susan Cleveland

    I think I found it…how to remove bowel movements from nursing uniforms: it’s in the procedure manual under infection control.

  14. Christy

    Whatever you do, don’t let them see the titles of these smutty novels. Keep those black boots polished up and look like your studying. This is what we get payed the big bucks to do ladies.

  15. timmie

    YEAH thats right I’m on break, move along

  16. timmie

    YEAH thats right I’m on break….move along

  17. Connie Manry

    That call light has been going off forever… Where are all the aides?

  18. Teresa

    Is this heaven? Sitting, reading on the job….no, it’s just night shift. Even on a boat, people need to sleep.

  19. Pattie

    whose turn is it to go next?

  20. Susan

    That seasickness remedy is in here somewhere…

  21. Julie Marchlewski

    I know the recipe to sweeten up these grumpy doctors is in here somewhere, someone check the chapter on elimination please.

  22. Common Nancy life is not so bad, your next break in life might be your hip!!

  23. How do you play strip poker?