Scrubs caption contest! – February 13, 2012

Last Week’s Winner

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“Alrighty now ladies, smile like nobody knows we replaced the baby with a dog”

– submitted by keg2g09

This Week’s Contest – February 13, 2012

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What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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18 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – February 13, 2012

  1. laura00seven LPN

    I can’t wait ’til they invent instant cold compresses.

  2. annika321 RN

    Nurse: “Do you know where you are?”
    Patient: “Yes”
    Nurse: “. . . Where are you?”
    Patient: “In your shadow.”

  3. Bebe RN

    OK, if you’re still sick to your stomach just hold this position and aim for the bag.

  4. tgirl81

    ” Since you’re not allowed to go home sick, just hold firm pressure here for few hours and you’ll be able to get through the rest of your day. I applied a pressure dressing to help you out. It’s just a gash, no biggie! “

  5. gemini000 RN

    a rectal temp would be more accurate!!!

    • gemini000 RN

      is this not appropriate

      • snakka RN

        Patient: ‘….Nurse I said it’s my knees ?!?’ Nurse: ‘Sssssshush……….cigerette?’

  6. OshOrRn RN

    Umm, nope, no fever – go back to work.

  7. debralong2009

    But the Mrs. shouldn’t have to tell you to take out the rubush.

  8. shelbel2u

    You think you have a headache! Put your big girl panties on and try wearing my hat for 8 hrs.

  9. aly8928 RN

    “Do you really think if a headache could get you sent home I’D still be here???”

  10. Darlene RN

    “You sure Do have a big Noggin on your Head!!!”

  11. Connie Rn Caption Contest

    Poor Newbie….That was his first dressing change.

  12. riconnaissance Caption Contest

    “I’m sorry you lost your sunglasses, but I can’t stand here all day keeping the sun out of your eyes!”

  13. Brittany LPN

    Patient: Oh my head! The pain is terrible.
    Nurse: You should consider the “power of positive thinking”. I have some patients who come in with amputated arms and legs. So, on a scale of 1-10, how are you feeling now?

  14. anken74 LPN

    “Nurse! I told you! I stubbed my toe!” “Shh-shhh-shhh! Quiet now! I know the doctor was in a hurry today but Mr. Nelson, you -” “I’m not Nelson! I’m Fitzpatrick!!” “Oh my! That would explain why Mr. Nelson’s head didn’t stop bleeding when I wrapped his toe!”

  15. meestamoe

    In the battle of “Bricks verses Heads” bricks always wins.

  16. hlowitzer1960 RN

    Nurse Mary had a renowned healing touch amongst the troops….she was especially popular with the UTI patients.