Scrubs caption contest!-February 28, 2011

Nursing studentsphoto © 2010 JD Lasica | more info (via: Wylio)

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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27 Responses to Scrubs caption contest!-February 28, 2011

  1. Lianne

    Get in line! It’s the nursing school conga! Cha-cha-cha!

  2. Robin


  3. Cindy Beard

    How can you hear my heart beat without your earphones?

  4. Jeanie

    First day on the ward, Look out here we come!

  5. Holly

    This is of course the before shot…how they all looked before clinicals. The after shot was not so pretty…

  6. MARIA

    You know they are a nursing student when…..they listen to the patients heartbeat through clothes and forget to put their ears on!

  7. Laurel Sherry

    Nurses are “heart to heart” caregivers!

  8. Melba James

    Ahhh, the innocence of nursing, so full of life, so ignorant of reality! A classic “before” picture…

  9. Cheryl Lucas

    You really can hear with that thing!!

  10. Cheryl Lucas

    You really can hear with that thing!!

  11. Tania

    We have no clue what we are getting in to…….

  12. Trish

    Smile your on candid carmra :)

  13. Pat

    Bed pans and enemas, IV’s and poo-poo, blood on my new scrubs and no time time to doodle.

  14. Laura Meehan

    Everyone has a buddy… good, b/c the last group of newbies were eaten up by a band of hungry ER nurses. Now I can’t stress this enough the stethescopes go in theL/R ears not around our necks ladies…that’s how we lost Beth..

  15. Ashley Rivera

    I got your back!…that is until the barf starts flying…

  16. Donald Blandford

    O.K. Girls please leave your other hands to your sides

  17. Red Licorice…Black Licorice they both taste the same and are good for your heart!

  18. Lauren

    Trust us, we know what we are doing!

  19. pam

    Dont worry..I got your back!

  20. Lori Safferman

    ours hearts are in our work-NURSES!

  21. Is it still beating?

  22. danielle voegele

    Nursing is all about pooping! When , Where, What it looked like, and last but not least, Was it more than 3 days ago ????

  23. Jacqueline Keith

    I went through 1400 hours of Nursing School and all I got was this lousy PIN.

  24. Jeanette Harrington

    Yippee, Hooray, Woohoo….were finished. Can’t you hear our heart racing?. We just can’t wait to be able to walk around with that white cap on ours heads. ok, ok, wake up girls. You’re dreaming now but, just wait until you get into the real world of nursing. That’s when reality hits and many of your dreams are shot to pieces. And that cap, well, its tucked away in a closet somewhere.

  25. Cynthia DeLeon

    Why YES, we’re nursing students! How could you tell?!?

  26. And they wonder why we eat our young! GNs are friends, not food. GNs are friends, not food.

  27. Can you hear me now?